Farm Name
Doña Deisy
Farmer Name
Pepe Fallas
Coffee Region
Central Valley
Micro Region
San Jose
Plant Varietal(s)
Red Honey
Growing Altitude (m)
Harvest Season
2017 – 2018
Plant Age (avg.)
6 years
Soil Type
Rocky Ground
Relative Humidity (%)
Average Annual Rainfall (mm)

Seventy year-old Don Pepe had been devoted for many years to the breeding of pedigree dogs and cattle of cows and sheep. Six years ago, he was looking for farms to add to their cattle and they came across with the land they own today. The farmer they were chatting to mentioned that he had three coffee bushes that are considered very desirable- geisha. This sparked an interest in Don Pepe and he decided to enter the world of boutique coffee. They began with just a few plants and six years later, he has five thousand plants. Good enough for 30 bags of incredibly high quality green coffee. They have five people that help them pick the cherries. They use a hand pulper and a hand huller to process their coffee and send it to Exclusive Coffee who helps them export it. 

For Don Pepe and Doña Daisy, his wife, “Coffee is a passion, this is one of the most beautiful things we have done. Besides, coffee trees are easier to manage than cattle, they don’t move around!”