Farm Name
Farmer Name
Toño Barrantes
Coffee Region
West Valley
Micro Region
Plant Varietal(s)
Etiopia 47
Red Honey
Growing Altitude (m)
Harvest Season
2017 – 2018
Plant Age (avg.)
6 years
Soil Type
Relative Humidity (%)
Average Annual Rainfall (mm)

In 1980, Toño finished school. He wanted to study, but his father needed help on the farm during the day, so Toño decided to study at night and work during the day. That was how together they built the farms they have today.

When Toño’s father had passed on the farm by splitting it among his children, including Toño, they soon came to realize that there was no financial sense in them continuing as a 3-way split farm. They discussed the barriers they needed to remove for success and figured out that the mill’s margin was significant. To Tonio and his siblings, a small mill of their own would allow them to avoid losing margin as well as create their own quality standards.

Other farmers thought them crazy. They were doing something unprecedented and untested. His father begged him to not invest in a mill as it would likely lead to financial ruin. Herbazu become the first micro mill and proved to be very successful. Many more followed and paved the way for the impeccable standards of Costa Rican coffee.

This was the first farm Transcend’s founder, Poul Mark, visited and gave him an insight into the new emerging trends in Costa Rica.