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The Project

This project first started in 2016 when Francisco Mena, owner of Exclusive Coffees based in Costa Rica, took on the task of helping the coffee farmers who were doing an exceptional job on improving their farming and production practices, resulting in a high quality, fully traceable, rare coffee.

Francisco invited Transcend’s Director of Coffee, Josh Hockin to participate in this project and it was no surprise he said yes. Josh spent three months in Costa Rica, getting to know more about each producer’s techniques and coffee farms. He ended up with a curated a collection of twelve unique, complex, fully traceable exclusive coffees from all over Costa Rica. These coffees are so rare that only a hundred subscribers will have the chance to try them. 



Josh and Francisco started looking for growers that went above and beyond to improve their coffee. For some, this included the introduction of new coffee plant varieties which offers an ever-increasing spectrum of flavor profiles. They wanted to help coffee farmers find buyers for smaller high end lots that they normally wouldn't have a market for. Auctions like Cup of Excellence require certain minimum lot sizes that are way higher than the size of each of these lots.  

Exclusive Coffee receives close to 4000 samples of coffee each year from the farmers they work with. Each sample represents one lot of coffee, and is typically from the same day's pickings. It may be a single variety, a unique process, or could just be representative of all their coffee throughout the harvest.

For a coffee to be considered for the project, the team must award it a score of at least 88 points on the cupping table. The coffee must also be fully traceable; which means that we know the coffee’s exact varietal, location, harvest date, and processing information.

Following this process, we ended up with a curated collection of twelve unique, complex, fully traceable coffees from micro mills, located all over Costa Rica. 

These coffees are so rare, we only have a 50 pound bag of each one. These coffees were then processed, vacuum-packed, sealed and sent to Transcend headquarters where our roasting team will do only one roast for each coffee. 

With this project, every month you are going to be able to try one of the twelve coffees from this collection. Only a hundred bags of each coffee are being released each month. 

This project is our way of honoring all the incredibly talented people involved in this supply chain and highlighting the work that coffee growers put into innovation and experimentation. We wanted to showcase this spectrum of the most exceptional flavors that Costa Rica can offer so that you can enjoy something truly unique.

We hope that you enjoy and appreciate these coffees as much as we do.

With your subscription, every month you’ll get: 

  • A rare coffee from the collection (a 200 gram-bag of different coffee every month)

  • Detailed information about the coffee, the mill and the farmer.

  • An exclusive video for each coffee with more information behind the coffee, Transcend’s Director of Coffee opinion and inside-look of it and a guide on how to brew that coffee to perfection.


The Coffee